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BWF World Tour Super 500

Date:14th – 19th, January 2020
Venue:Istora Senayan (Jakartar , Indonesia)


  • DAIHATSU has continued its support for the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS following its announcement of a two-year sponsorship of the prestigious BWF World Tour 500 tournament till 2021. The Istora Senayan, Jakarta will once again play host to the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS 2020 from 14th to 19th January 2020.

    Indonesia and global badminton enthusiasts are excited about the world-class badminton tournament and fascinating atmosphere on and off the courts as the third edition of the DAIHATSU-sponsored tournament is expected to feature top-ranked shuttlers around the world.

    Since its beginning, the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS has grown to become one of the major tournaments of the BWF World Tour series. The 3rd edition in 2020 is significant not just because of the increased prize pool of USD$400,000, but also due to the fact that most of the players competing in it will be battling hard to accumulate valuable points for qualification towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

    The home fans would surely be eager to watch their heroes which include top single’s player Jonatan CHRISTIE, Anthony GINTING, the elite pair of Marcus Fernaldi GIDEON and Kevin Sanjaya SUKAMULJO (2018 and 2019 winners) and women’s pair of Greysia POLII and Apriani RAHAYU.


  • A Press Conference to announce the commencement of the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS 2020 was held on November 21, 2019 in Jakarta and was well-attended by journalists, photographers and television staff as well as top officials from Persatuan Bulutangkis Seluruh Indonesia (PBSI), sponsors, stakeholders and selected Indonesian star players.

    Persatuan Bulutangkis Seluruh Indonesia (PBSI) chairman Mr. WIRANTO was the guest of honour while DAIHATSU was represented by Mr. Ichiro OTAKI, General Manager, Marketing & Sales Promotion Dept., Overseas Business Management Div., and Ms Amelia TJANDRA, Director of PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor, Indonesia.

    Mr. OTAKI, in his speech, thanked Indonesia and PBSI on the collaboration, saying that DAIHATSU looks forward to a more exciting tournament in 2020 with the presence of many world class players.

    “Three years have passed since we started the journey and now, the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS has grown tremendously where more and more activities are conducted. We would like to contribute to the development of badminton throughout all levels. We’ve had two very successful years of working the INDONESIA MASTERS as our main partner, and this time we really want to focus on giving back to the community.”

    “With our ‘Light You Up’ slogan, we want to let our stars of tomorrow have a bright future and we want them to have the best opportunity to develop their skills in this sport during their foundation years,” said Mr. OTAKI.

    Ms. Amelia TJANDRA, Director of PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor, Indonesia also commended PBSI for its role in developing badminton in the country, adding that they have been working closely with PBSI to ensure the development of young players though the organisation of the DAIHATSU astec open.

    PBSI chairman Mr. WIRANTO, in thanking DAIHATSU, said: “Badminton is Indonesia’s national sport and the close collaboration between DAIHATSU and PBSI has further strengthened badminton’s standing and led to many good things including the development of young local talents.

    DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS 2020 in January is the perfect first step for Indonesian players looking for a good start to the season. With the Olympics happening in 2020, I’m certain everyone will be hoping to secure points as early as possible and fans can expect another spectacle,” Mr. WIRANTO added.

    Among the players present at the Press Conference were Jonatan CHRISTIE, Melati Daeva OKTAVIANTI, Hendra SETIAWAN, Gregoria Mariska TUNJUNG and Apriyani RAHAYU. Former world champion and Olympic gold medallist Liliyana NATSIR also appeared at the Press Conference.


  • Jonatan CHRISTIE

    (Men’s Singles)

  • What are your thoughts on this tournament? I’m truly excited and can hardly wait for the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS to begin. It’s crucial for all players to be at the top of their game, especially at such an early stage of the year. It’s the year of the Olympics and we need to focus and be ready all the time!

    Preparation Since the tournament will be held early in the year, I’ll have to make lots of personal sacrifices. There’ll be no holidays for me as I need to be 100 percent focussed.

    Target I’m hoping to reach the semi-finals, hopefully I can go beyond that, maybe right up to the finals.

    Message to the fans? The presence of fans and supporters will surely get us fired up. So, we need them to be at Istora Senayan in big numbers throughout the competition. Please get your tickets early and support our players!

  • Melati Daeva OKTAVIANTI

    (Mixed Doubles)

  • What are your thoughts on this tournament? It’s going to be amazing as I’ve been looking forward to competing in the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS for quite some time now. It’s important for me and my partner to do well to accumulate valuable points from this tournament.

    Preparation We’re keeping ourselves busy this year with lots of training, preparation and tournaments. For 2020, it's going to be more intensive due to the Olympics qualifying process. So, there’s little time to rest.

    Target If Praveen Jordan and I can make it into the last four, we’d be more than happy!

    Message to the fans? We need your support and loud cheers! As in previous years, we look forward to the electrifying atmosphere and cheers from our home supporters at Istora Senayan.

  • Gregoria Mariska TUNJUNG

    (Women’s Singles)

  • What are your thoughts on this tournament? This is my third participation in the tournament. I look forward to the upcoming DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS due to the great support from our home fans. It’s just fantastic, and the atmosphere at Istora Senayan is simply amazing.

    Preparation It has been a tough year, we need to try hard for the upcoming Olympic Games, which starts off with the qualifying process. And with the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS will start very early in the year, we have to be continuously prepared, physically and mentally.

    Target To improve on my 2019 achievement.

    Message to the fans? Please get your tickets early, we definitely need the strong support and cheers from our home fans to keep us motivated and remain strong on the courts.

  • Apriani RAHAYU

    (Women’s Doubles)

  • What are your thoughts on this tournament? A crucial but exciting tournament as the world’s best players will be at Istora Senayan with the same mission, to win, gain points and qualify for the 2020 Olympics. I’m truly excited!

    Preparation We've started preparation for quite some time now, not only for the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS, but also for the PERODUA MALAYSIA MASTERS Presented by DAIHATSU (the first tournament of the year) as well. Me and Greysia (Polli) have been working hard to continuously raise the standard of our game.

    Target As of now, we’re treating each match and tournament with great importance. Yes, we do have a target, but as of now, were taking things one at a time.

    Message to the fans? To all fans and supporters, please pray for our success, health and well being as we gear up intensively towards the Olympics. We’re hoping that it would be an injury-free year for us.

  • Hendra SETIAWAN

    (Men’s Doubles)

  • What are your thoughts on this tournament? Playing in the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS at Istora Senayan has always given me great feelings and renewed sense of motivation. The excitement, the atmosphere and fans support are simply great.

    Preparation Mohamad Ahsan and I still have a few more tournaments of Tokyo 2020 point race left on our schedule. Our preparation has been consistent throughout the year.

    Target We need to be realistic as the tournament will be extremely tough. Making into the semi-finals seem realistic for us.

    Message to the fans? We’re always thankful and feel greatly blessed with the great and sincere support of our home fans and supporters!

Liliyana NATSIR expects exciting on-court battles, and urges fans to show strong support

  • Liliyana NATSIR is a pivotal figure of badminton in Indonesia, inspiring a whole generation of players with her huge collection of accolades and achievements in the sport. This time round, Liliyana will be rooting for her compatriots from the sidelines following her official retirement from the sport after the completion of the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS 2019 in January.

    Being one of the world’s best, Liliyana has tremendous credibility and continuous to inspire and encourage her teammates and the young generation of players. “I wish to thank DAIHATSU for giving me the opportunity to once again be part of this tournament as Key Opinion Leader (KOL). I enjoyed every minute of the time I had in the previous tournaments and I’m certain that in 2020, the DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS will be even more exciting,” said Liliyana who looks forward to the electrifying atmosphere at Istora Senayan.

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