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Part of the HSBC BWF World Tour Super 500

Date: Tuesday, 24th – Sunday, 29th January 2023
Venue: ISTORA Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, INDONESIA

  • The DAIHATSU INDONESIA MASTERS 2023 returns again from 24th January to 29th January 2023 at the Istora Stadium in Senayan, Jakarta. Organised by the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI), this is the third tournament in the 2023 Badminton World Tour and the first HSBC BWF World Tour Super 500 event held this year. With a prize pool of USD 420,000, players from around the world competed for the coveted title. The energy from the crowds was palpable throughout the six-day event, as badminton enthusiasts showed their unwavering support for the players.

  • We, DAIHATSU, were proud to set up a dynamic and engaging experience for fans at the main entrance of the event. Our DAIHATSU booth featured a thrilling Badminton Service Challenge game, a state-of-the-art 180º Matrix Photobooth, and a Message Board where fans could express their encouragement to the players.
    Furthermore, we also put our latest car models, Xenia and Rocky, on display in a dedicated car booth, offering fans a unique chance to explore and discover the best that DAIHATSU has to offer. There was also an interactive Meet & Greet booth set up for fans to participate in an exclusive Meet & Greet with famous players.

  • For those who couldn’t attend the event in person, the matches were livestreamed at the DAIHATSU sponsor booth and were also viewable on a large LED screen set up by PBSI outside the venue. This allowed fans and supporters to cheer on their favourite local heroes and players from afar.

Final Match Results

Category Players Name Match Results
Men’s Singles Jonatan CHRISTIE (Indonesia) 2-0 Chico Aura DWI WARDOYO (Indonesia) 21-15, 21-13
Women’s Singles AN Se Young (South Korea) 2-1 Carolina MARIN (Spain) 18-21, 21-18, 21-13
Men’s Doubles Leo Rolly CARNANDO and Daniel MARTHIN (Indonesia) 2-0 HE Ji Ting and ZHOU Hao Dong (China) 21-17, 21-16
Women’s Doubles LIU Sheng Shu and ZHANG Shu Xian (China) 2-0 Yuki FUKUSHIMA and Sayaka HIROTA (Japan) 22-20, 21-19
Mixed Doubles FENG Yan Zhe and HUANG Dong Ping (China) 2-1 JIANG Zhen Bang and WEI Ya Xin (China) 21-15, 16-21, 21-19

The Summary of The Final Results.

  • Men’s Singles: CHRISTIE Goes for Gold!

  • In an all-Indonesian final, home favourite Jonatan CHRISTIE (Indonesia) defeated Chico Aura DWI WARDOYO (Indonesia) 21-15, 21-13 in just 44 minutes. The battle between the two coach Irwansyah's proteges was fairly even from the start of the game. Throughout the game, CHRISTIE played calmly while his junior WARDOYO seemed to be in a hurry which resulted in points for his opponent. The fourth seed nicknamed “Jojo” (CHRISTIE) led 11-9 at the break and won a spectacular 51-shot rally to go 17-15 ahead. While CHRISTIE momentarily reeled off leaving the game open for his opponent’s taking, he eventually regained control with a score of 21-13 securing his victory. This will be CHRISTIE’s first BWF World Tour Super 500 title win after his win previously at the 2018 Asian Games, and three more victories at the Super 300 for the 2019 New Zealand Open, 2019 Australian Open, and 2022 Swiss Open.

  • Women’s Singles: No Signs of Slowing Down for AN

  • AN Se Young (South Korea) defeated Carolina MARIN (Spain) 18-21, 21-18, 21-13 to claim her second singles title of the season after a gruelling 80-minute game. After trailing at the start, Olympic champion MARIN managed to take an 11-10 lead into the first break. While AN went for the attack, MARIN held her defence to extend her lead in the opening game. In the end, after a tight game, AN took control and secured her title with a score of 21-13. Ranked second in the world as one of the best women’s singles badminton player, this is the second consecutive title triumph who defeated world champion YAMAGUCHI Akane after clinching the India Open 2023 title. The tenacious AN has now won 14 of her 15 matches this season with her only defeat coming against YAMAGUCHI in the Malaysia Open final.

  • Men’s Doubles: CARNANDO/MARTHIN Make History!

  • The men's doubles pair Leo Rolly CARNANDO and Daniel MARTHIN (Indonesia) nicknamed “The Babies” defeated Chinese team HE Ji Ting and ZHOU Hao Dong (China) in the final with a score of 21-17, 21-16. The game opened fiercely with both pairs taking turns leading the score until the position was tied at 4-4. However at the 11-6 interval, the Indonesian pair lost their focus allowing their opponents to take advantage. Eventually the duo made a comeback, and managed to dominate the match, closing the game with a score of 21-16. The Indonesian team made history as one of the unseeded pairs that advanced to the finals and won it. This will be their second win for the Super 500 title. The achievement by the CARNANDO/MARTHIN carries on the legacy of nabbing gold on home soil as witnessed by last year’s local champions Fajar ALFIAN and Muhammad Rian ARDIANTO.

  • Women’s Doubles: Unexpected Victory for LIU/ZHANG

  • LIU Sheng Shu and ZHANG Shu Xian (China) defeated Japanese pair Yuki FUKUSHIMA and Sayaka HIROTA (Japan), where the Chinese duo won two straight games after a 67-minute dual. Armed with the stamina to carry out repeated attacks, the Chinese pair took the lead at the interval with a score of 11-5, however FUKUSHIMA/HIROTA managed to reduce the lag to 10-14 and 12-16. Ultimately, LIU/ZHANG were able to equalize the pressure with a victory score of 21-19 in the second game. While the odds for the unlikely pair to win gold were stacked against them since their very recent pairing for the DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2023, the dynamic duo proved many wrong as the two clinched the title of the Super 500 as first-time winners proving themselves as an unstoppable duo against their opponents.

  • Mixed Doubles: FENG/HUANG for The Win!

  • China players, FENG Yan Zhe and HUANG Dong Ping (China) battled it out with fellow countrymen JIANG Zhen Bang and WEI Ya Xin (China) in a three-game match of 21-15, 16-21, 21-19. Both teams were highly motivated at the beginning of the game where FENG/HUANG eventually took the lead in the first game, however the two were quickly overtaken by JIANG/WEI in the second game which proved to be in their favour. After a fierce competition between the two Chinese teams, FENG/HUANG were finally able to get out of the pressure and close the game nabbing their titles as winners. The title won by FENG/HUANG at the BWF World Tour Super 500 event is their first since the two have been paired after previously being runners up at the Denmark Open and Hylo Open 2022.


  • Following the conclusion of the DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters 2023, this year’s tournaments marked a first time in history whereby six non-seeded doubles pairs (men, women, mixed) made to the finals, and for the first time ever that all three doubles titles were won by three unseeded pairs, a first in 345 tournaments, as mentioned by British badminton commentator Gillian Clark alias Oma Gill.

    In the end, Indonesia and China made their marks as they dominated their way to the finals winning two titles each respectively out of the five categories at Istora Stadium. Fans were on the edge of their seats watching many nerve-wrecking close call plays throughout the tournament from the players who showcased so much skill in this year’s games especially from local favourites – Jonatan “Jojo” CHRISTIE, Chico Aura DWI WARDOYO, and Leo Rolly CARNANDO & Daniel MARTHIN “The Babies”.

    Technique, tenacity and agility were on full-display on the courts throughout the tournaments. The Indonesian team brought glory to their country as Joanatan CHRISTIE nabbed the title of men’s singles, and 17th-ranked pair Leo Rolly CARNANDO and Daniel MARTHIN secured the men’s doubles. Of course, China also prevailed in the other two doubles categories, where LIU Sheng Shu and ZHANG Shu Xian of women’s doubles and FENG Yan Zhe and HUANG Dong Ping of mixed doubles rightfully clinched their winning titles. As for AN Se Young, it’s safe to say that this bright star is only just getting started for the year after nabbing her second title in three finals for 2023 so far.

    We, Daihatsu, would like to extend our gratitude to Persatuan Bulutangkis Seluruh Indonesia (PBSI), Istora Stadium, its organisers, and sponsors for their hard work and support in making this year’s tournament a memorable success bringing players from around the globe closer to their fans once again.

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