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BWF World Tour Super 750 “DAIHATSU YONEX JAPAN OPEN 2018
-Daihatsu sponsors the Japan Open for the second year in a row-
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Daihatsu announced its support for the “DAIHATSU YONEX JAPAN OPEN 2018 BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIPS”, an international badminton tournament that is officially recognized by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), for the second straight year.

This tournament, which will be held from Tuesday 11 to Sunday 16 September 2018 at “Musashino Forest Sport Plaza (Chofu city, Tokyo), is one of the most historic and significant world tour events. It will become one of the world’s premier badminton tournaments featuring around 250 outstanding players ranked within the top 32 in the world.

This time will mark the 37th edition of the Japan Open, with the amount of prize money increasing substantially to USD 700,000. The venue has also moved to the “Musashino Forest Sport Plaza” which will be used for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, hence making this tournament a huge event for the players who are competing for a spot at the Olympics.

The performance of Japanese players stood out at last year’s tournament as well. As for this year, with results like winning the mixed doubles at the prestigious All England Open and coming second in the women’s singles and doubles, as well as winning the Uber Cup and coming second in the Thomas Cup, we can have high expectations for the Japanese players who are achieving good results at many tournaments all over the world.
Please take this chance to visit the venue and see these matches from up close, featuring top players from around the globe. You will be able to enjoy exciting, world class contests.

At the press conference venue, Director (Senior Managing Executive Officer) Shigeharu TODA from Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. participated as the representative of the main sponsor. He announced that they will evolve the Daihatsu brand by promoting both tangible and intangible value creation initiatives, based on Daihatsu’s group slogan of “Light you up”. Daihatsu has sponsored this tournament since last year, as well as a wide range of both domestic and international tournaments such as the para-badminton international tournament and the ABC Badminton National Primary School Tournament. Mr. TODA promised that Daihatsu will continue these activities and sent his best wishes to the players who will appear at this tournament.

Daihatsu is sponsoring this tournament as one of its initiatives to contribute to the development of badminton in Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, which started as a part of its initiatives towards “intangible value creation” that emphasizes expanding the point of contact with customers and local communities.

Daihatsu will continue to deliver a new light to people’s live by contributing to the spread and development of badminton in the 3 nations, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as by deepening the exchanges between people through badminton using various initiatives.

Press Release Report

A press conference for this tournament was held on Tuesday 19 June in Tokyo where 4 national team players participated.
With a large contingent of reporters, there was a great sense of expectation towards these players who are bringing excitement to badminton in Japan as they look towards this tournament and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Presenting Messages of Support from Primary School Players

At the qualifying rounds of the “Daihatsu National Primary School ABC Badminton Tournament” which were held throughout Japan, we asked for message of support for the members of the national team who will play at the Japan Open from primary school students from all over the country, who are the future of Japanese badminton.

On the day of the press conference, a board that compiled all the messages of support was presented by Mr. TODA to the national team players. As the players held the passionate and sincere messages from the primary school players, they promised to perform well at the Japan Open so they could fulfill their expectations.

Athletes' Comments
(NTT East)

Enthusiasm towards the tournament

Of course the goal is the win the tournament. If we perform well it can create dreams and goals for junior players, so we will do our best one match at a time to fulfill our responsibility as representative players, while never forgetting to have a feeling of gratitude.

Self appeal

I hope I can show the fans my play close to the net, as well as tricky shots.

Messages for the fans

I will move around the court with all my energy and never give up until the end, so I will appreciate your support.

(Saishunkan Co., Ltd.)

Enthusiasm towards the tournament

The Japan Open was the inspiration for me to aim towards playing on the world stage, so it’s a tournament that suits me well. I will give my all so that I can show my best performance in terms of the content of my play as well as the results.

Self appeal

With determined play and shots that surprise the opponent, I will do my best to bring enjoyment to the spectators.

Messages for the fans

I will do my very best to respond to the cheers from the fans, so I look forward to your support.

(Tonami Transportation)

Enthusiasm towards the tournament

I was disappointed with my result last year of only reaching the last 8, so I will do my best to win the tournament this year.

Self appeal

Please watch my low flying shots.

Messages for the fans

I play with passion and lots of guts, so please come and watch!

Takeshi KAMURA
(Tonami Transportation)

Enthusiasm towards the tournament

The Japan Open is a tournament that I really want to win, so I will strive to achieve the best results and win in front of the Japanese fans.

Self appeal

I want to show them my aggressive play on the front line.

Messages for the fans

To all the supporters in Japan, thank you always for your support. We will continue to appreciate your passionate support.

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